Resources for Writers

I grew up without the internet. Let’s just take a moment to digest the ramifications of that.

Done? OK.

There was no way to find out anything. I had to ask my mother personal questions about body hair. I got my first email account at university. I was nineteen already. My adolescence was metaphorically lying on the ground gasping its last and going ‘It’s too late for me… Save yourselves…’

Childhood wasted.

So, for all the young writers out there, here are the links I wish I’d had when I was scribbling away in my teenage, so-wireless-you-wouldn’t-believe-it bedroom:
and Everything you ever wanted to know about writing but were afraid to ask – these are blogs of all things bookish by published children’s and YA writers who have been there and done that. – a brilliant interview with my favourite short story writer, George Saunders, on the nitty gritty of how exactly writers write. – a no-punches-pulled guide to editing your work. – this site is basically everything you will ever need in terms of learning about story structure and character arcs. Check out the podcast threads. I listen to them while taking notes. and – the biggest names in writing share their top ten tips for writers. I’m a sucker for this kind of thing because there’s always at least one tip from one writer where you can go ‘I DO THAT!!! I’m clearly a genius like them!!!’ – great article on what makes YA different from, or the same as, adult fiction and – I’m addicted to watching interviews with writers on YouTube. Neil Gaiman’s are always up there with the best. What does happen if a werewolf bites a goldfish?!?!

Sit Down and Write: Poetry Resources – This is a fantastic website with loads of links to useful articles about writing poetry. It was sent to me by LouAnne and her young writers at the library who were NANO Rebels and wrote 50,000 words of poetry for NANOWRIMO! Amazing!

Writing Careers: The business behind becoming an author – This is helpful advice on the business side of writing. Thank you to Andrea Gomez and her son (who’s a young writer himself) who sent it to me!