11 Things About Me

  1. I am the only Kelly McCaughrain in the world.  In.  The.  World.

Unique. Probably just as well.

2. I met my husband when we were in 6, we started going out when we were 16 and got married at 25.  I have great faith in High School Romance.

Young love

3. I have been obsessed with VW campervans since seeing the movie 1969 when I was 14, and I finally got my own a few years ago.  Her name is Gerda, she just turned 50 years old, and she is beloved by all small children because apparently Peppa Pig has one.

Look at her wee face!

4. My sister once described my dress sense as “just the right side of geeky.”  Which was an improvement on the time she said I looked like I’d just wandered out of a hostel.

OK, the hat is pretty geeky

5. My friends find it very amusing that I’ve written a book with birds in the title when IRL I have a serious bird-phobia.

This is as close as I can get to an actual bird, flightless or otherwise.

6. I sometimes sew and knit things.

This is a strap for my ukulele. Oh yeah, I play the ukulele

7. I play the ukulele.

…with the amazing Belfast Ukulele Jam!

8. The first time my mum gave me money to buy my own clothes I came home with 13 classic novels.

But this is the first one with my name on!

9. I once flew a small plane over Rathlin Island.

My mother looks very very nervous in this photo.

10. I have ridden an Icelandic horse.

Halló. Hvað segirðu?

11. I was once in a band. I was pretty bad at it.

I assure you this belt was cool at the time.